At Reading Rainbow International School, we seek to nurture a complete child that is academically sound, morally upright and socially relevant. A child that will be the pride of his/her parents and a true leader this country desperately yearns for.

Our vision is to raise children that thrive on academic possibilities and maximize innate potentials within a conducive learning environment that is safe, positive, inclusive and stimulating.

In achieving this vision, we shall:

  • Develop and inculcate the reading culture in our pupils through a British and Nigerian based curricula with the availability of adequately trained teachers
  • Nurture a passion for knowledge, creativity and achievements in our pupils
  • Foster global citizens who recognizes and embraces their shared humanity and diversity
  • Sustain an unflinching quest for excellence
  • Work with all stakeholders to provide a safe and secure learning environment.

Our focus at Reading Rainbow International School is to prepare pupils to meet standards of all the best secondary schools locally and internationally and also help them discover and maximize their innate potentials and achieve the powerful satisfaction that comes with lifelong learning.

We aim to make RRIS a citadel of learning recognized locally, regionally and internationally for the quality of our academic programmes and the commitment we have to developing and inculcating reading culture in our pupils.

At Reading Rainbow International School, we seek to nurture a complete child that is academically sound, morally upright and socially relevant. A child that will be the pride of his/her parents and a true leader this country desperately yearns for.

  • Development
  • Self Confidence
  • Excellence
  • Positive Discipline
  • Respect
  • Relationships
  • Communication

Research has shown that children are likely to succeed academically and are less likely to engage in violent behavior if their parents are involved in their education.

To this end, we seek the active partnership of parents in helping to reinforce what was taught in school by making sure pupils do their homework at all times.

Together, we will raise total child that we will be very proud of. We have an open day policy and you are invited to visit the school at any time to participate in any of the activities we offer.

You can also help the school to better serve the needs of your child by exchanging knowledge about your child’s needs, interest and progress with the school, supporting your child’s learning at home, communicating observations and expectations to the school and attending school functions and events.

Hajia Zara Iya Abubakar

Hajia Zara has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Law from the prestigious University of Maiduguri and University of Lagos respectively. She is an educator with a mission to turn kids around by improving their self esteem and self confidence. Her passion for education and child-grooming led her into establishing Reading Rainbow International School with the philosophy that is based on small class size, ample teacher-student interaction, stress free, calm environment, and regular parent feedback. She is happily married with children.

Mr. Yusuf Olaniyi Sulaiman
Head of School

Yusuf holds a degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering as well as in Information Technology Security. He is an established Education Technologist with over 12 years experience in both the IT Industry and the Education Sector. He has a wealth of experience in the British System of Education which he brings to fore at RRIS. Yusuf is a Leader with special skills in Management, Organization, and Mentoring which sets him up for success at every role.

Mr. Salifu Mark
Deputy Head - Teaching And Learning Development

Mark has a Bachelors degree in Education with several certifications and training in Teaching and Learning Development. He is passionate about helping children to flourish and succeed in all they do. He is particularly passionate about developing children’s literacy skills, especially reading and phonics. He loves looking for new ways to help make classrooms and the curriculum stimulating and exciting. Mark is happily married and blessed with children.

Mr. Ifebhor Michael
Admin Manager

Michael holds a Bachelors degree in Economics and Statistics from the University of Benin. He manages non-teaching activity in the school such as the financial management, financial reporting, management of support staff, Human resources, premises management, Health and safety and Relationship management with other schools and external partners. He is a very committed, selfless and highly motivated member of staff.

Mrs. Lokoja Elizabeth
Curriculum Coordinator - Key Stage 1

Elizabeth is an experienced teacher with a degree in Education and several other certifications and training at every level of Early years and Primary Education. She ensures that all children and staff in KS1 reaches their full potential by supporting the ‘learn, laugh and love’ ethos that has been established in the school. She enjoys teaching and supporting learning across Years 1 and 2. Elizabeth is happily married and blessed with children.